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Abschließende Bemerkungen des UN - Ausschusses liegen vor

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 23. Mai 2011, 06:01
von lucie

26. The Committee notes with concern that transsexual and inter-sexed persons are often considered to be persons with mental illness and that the State party’s policies, legislative or otherwise, have led to discrimination against these persons as well as to violations of their sexual and reproductive health rights. (art. 12, 2.2)
The Committee urges the State party to step up measures, legislative or otherwise, on the identity and the health of transsexual and inter-sex persons with a view to ensuring that they are no longer discriminated against and that their personal integrity and sexual and reproductive health rights are respected. The Committee calls on the State party to fully consult transsexual and inter-sexed persons for this purpose.